President's Message

By Paolo Decuzzi

October 1, 2020

Dear Members of the CRS Italy Chapter, Colleagues and Friends

On January 28, during a meeting of the Executive Council together with the Auditors and Arbiters in Milan, I enthusiastically agreed to serve as the President of the CRS Italy Local Chapter.

At the same meeting, Prof. Ida Genta from the University of Pavia was confirmed as the Treasurer, Prof. Pasquale Del Gaudio from the University of Salerno was appointed as the Secretary, and Prof. Francesco Cilurzo from the University of Milano was elected as the Vice-President.

Within the next three years, together with the Executive Council, Auditors, Arbiters and the Young Scientists Communication Team, we will expand the CRS Italy Local Chapter activities along with four major directions – the so-called 4Cs:

Convergence of different disciplines: the CRS Italy Local Chapter will support the integration of different disciplines to realize a truly multi-disciplinary environment involving pharmaceutical technologists, engineers, chemists, biotechnologists, biologists and clinical scientists with a common interest in the science of controlled release and the delivery of therapeutic/imaging agents.

Collaboration across different laboratories: the CRS Italy Local Chapter will facilitate the sharing of resources, equipment, and specific expertise across multiple laboratories, nationally and internationally, to boost our research activities. With the help of the CRS Italy Chapter members, resources, equipment, and specific expertise will be mapped across different laboratories.

Concurrence of all the members: the CRS Italy Local Chapter will continuously seek advice and suggestions from all the members of the Society. The Young Scientists will be directly involved in several dissemination activities, including the management of the Twitter account, the realization of a Newsletter, the chairing and moderation of Webinars and Seminars, and much more!

Communication through different media: the CRS Italy Local Chapter will expand its communication strategy and skills by operating a Twitter account, redesigning the Website, and establishing a Young Scientists Communication Team. Information on new jobs, grant opportunities, research awards, workshops and seminars will be promptly communicated to all the members.

It will be a lot of work! But I am confident that with the right enthusiasm and your help, we will contribute to further advance our Chapter and strengthen its integration within the Controlled Release Society and its members, across the Globe.

Paolo Decuzzi

CRS Italy Local Chapter, President

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Sede legale: c/o AFI via Ranzoni, 1 - 20149 Milano
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